Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a fun Easter this year. We went down to the part just down the street on Saturday morning for an Easter egg hunt and then off to my mothers for lunch for another one. Nixxon went crazy picking up all the candy at the hunt at the park. He was grabbing with both hands ha ha. Abbie was more polite and let other kids grab them first if they were both going for it.

Finding eggs at my mom's.

Nixxon crashed from all of the excitment
Abbie and Nixxon loved when the East bunny came. They absolutly loved their presents.

Abbie and Nixxon in their Easter Sunday clothes

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Anonymous said...

I have a son who was born just about 8 weeks after your son and his name is also Nixxon. It's funny bc he has that same bike. Small world for such an eccentric name!